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Thank you for your interest in giving to Coventry Christian Schools! We are grateful for your gifts and invite you to participate in the various opportunities we have available for you. 

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Barbara Roqué

Development Director

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The Coventry Kids Annual Fund

Each year we raise funds to ensure that our students receive the very best education possible as well as to provide scholarships to deserving students who would otherwise not be able to attend.  Please consider giving to the students of Pottsown through Coventry Christian.

Planned Giving

The long-term financial health of Coventry Christian Schools relies on the generosity of our donors.  It is the goal of the school to ensure that all students are able to attend CCS without the barrier of cost.  To accomplish that goal we need your support to increase the size of our endowment funds.  The greatest opportunity that you will have to make a major contribution will be through a Planned or Estate Gift.  To discuss the Planned Giving program at CCS please contact John Mark Niehls at 610-326-3320.

Endowment Giving

Coventry Christian Schools maintains two endowment funds, The Wheeler-Davis Endowment and the Mark E. Niehls Scholarship Endowment.  These funds are used to provide scholarships to students who attend CCS.  The principal of each fund is conservatively invested and earnings are used to increase the principal balance as well as to provide scholarships to deserving students.

Established in 2001, the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program has supported the advancement of education in the state of Pennsylvania.  This special program awards tax credits to eligible businesses and special purpose entities (SPEs) who make a donation to a qualified scholarship program.

Coventry Christian Schools has participated in the EITC program since 2012 and over that time, more than $415,000 in scholarship funding has been award to deserving Coventry Kids!

Designate Your Gift

We want to give you the opportunity to designate your gift for a particular purpose. This includes Memorial Donations, General Endowment, Scholarships, Athletics, Arts (Music, Drama, Fine Art), Technology, Summer Camp, and Field Trip Support.


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